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Vaayer provides state of the art real-time surveillance solutions to support all the security, monitoring and insurance needs of your business.

Sophisticated tailored systems are available for comprehensive exterior video coverage, interior closed-circuit cameras, and 24/7 IP accessible video recording.

Integration with sensors,  alarms, and access control points creates a cost-effective total security system that is easy to operate, yet is nearly impossible to beat.

Surveillance Solutions

Protect your offices with full featured digital access control systems that replace traditional keys with access codes, biometrics recognition technology, and magnetic access cards.

Keep ahead of the security curve with web-based access administration and periodic access codes changes.

Enhanced security also comes with ability to track employees movements and the option to accommodate guests and temporary workers with scheduled expiring access codes.

Access Control

Save time and increase productivity with complete internal video and voice connectivity.

Our smart intercom networks give employees a convenient and quick way to communicate with each other site-wide and directly sort, observe, speak, and provide access to visitors.

Intercoms also double as office announcement system giving managers a convenient tool to relay messages to either a select group of employees or the entire office.

Intercom Systems


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Head Office
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Vaayer LLC.

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Brooklyn, NY 11211

Tel: 718-840-3800


Vaayer is a leading provider of advanced security, wiring, intercom, and access control solutions across the tri-state area with the expertise and skill to outfit any type of business and infrastructure.

Vaayer was founded by Telebroad, a premier installer of cloud based VoIP and PBX systems for over a decade. Telebroad’s wealth of knowledge with IT and communication technology is crucial for a successful design and implementation of security solutions that integrates the latest innovations and save you money by using your already existing IP network.


As such, Vaayer can also be your one-stop choice for an all-inclusive installation of hardware, software, and wiring for a cutting edge communication center.

Our clients praise our efficiency, top-notch service, streamlined work, adherence to schedules, and ability to tackle the most demanding projects.

When contracting us, Vaayer will survey your business and work with you to draw a plan that will be fully tailored to your operational needs. We will study your priorities and present you with the tools and technology to make your company and offices completely secured, wired, and worry free.





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