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1000 Gates Avenue is the new location for two sister companies -  specializing in staffing for the health care sector.

The companies had experienced network issues at their old location due to poor wiring and sought to have a new contractor wire the new location. They were happy to hire Vaayer for the project that span three entire floors.

Vaayer wired the phone and computer network from scratch, setting up two separate networks for the two companies.  

Vaayer equipped the new location with a variety of upgraded security measures including door access control, wireless access points, an IP video intercom, motion sensors, and  advanced auto-tracking cameras.

Additional important installation covered the garage area. With a large volume of vehicles using it, the tight entrance proved challenging for drivers. Vaayer setup a mini close-circuit TV system providing drivers with a 180 degrees view of the street to make their exit of the garage considerably easier and safer. Workers cars were also integrated with access control for easy triggerring of the gate.   


1000 Gates Avenue

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