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300 McDonald avenue is the new home of a yeshiva school. Spanning three buildings it includes campus, administration, and dormitories facilities.

With the area surrounding the campus considered not to be the safest, the yeshiva contacted Vaayer to beef up security and create the phone and internet network on the premises.

Connecting the three buildings was challenging due to their low heights and turck traffic in the area, preventing physical wiring. Vaayer therefore installed a point-to-point wireless bridges as the backbone of the network.

For security ultra advanced cameras were installed around the three buildings combining both regular and auto-tracking models. 

A video intercom system connected the three buildings, allowing the principle and teachers to communicate comfortably. Some of the intercoms also provided a degree of access control with a wireless remote operation.  

Additionally a high quality omni-directional speaker system was installed in the ceiling across the campus, and incorporated with the telephone network, giving the principle and management stuff another tool for communication and announcements.  

300 McDonald Avenue

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